VITALITEA HAWAI’I announces its craft kombucha and Nitro Cold Brew coffee will be available at Whole Food Markets across Southern California, Arizona and Nevada starting this week.

Crafted on Maui by brewers in search of balance, VITALITEA’s mission is to create beverages that align with a healthy and active lifestyle. “We can’t wait to get this on our trucks and spread the VITALITEA Aloha to the mainland,” said Czar Daniolco, Founder/COO of Hi-Touch Distribution, “The Restore Maui Pineapple is something special and guaranteed to be high rotation in my fridge.”

The company utilizes fresh, cold-pressed and Hawaii grown tropical fruits, roots, and herbs, packaged in infinitely recyclable cans. “The Aloha spirit that Whole Foods Market has extended to small businesses like ours is truly amazing. We’re eagerly looking forward to showcasing the talents of our team and sharing some flavors of Hawaii with our mainland ?Ohana”, said William Davis, Founder of VITALITEA HAWAI’I.

The team behind VITALITEA came from the craft beer industry and released their first canned products in 2018. Vitalitea Hawai’i’s kombuchas include “Restore”, a Maui Gold pineapple, organic ginger, and turmeric kombucha; “Stardust”, a combination of organic hibiscus, ginger, and blue spirulina; and “Strawberry Sunrise”, an organic strawberry, mint, and basil kombucha. The company’s Nitro Cold Brew Coffee “Hapa” balances Maui grown Red Catuai with Colombian.

All retailers can be found at For everyone outside CA, NV, and AZ, the company also ships its “Booch Box” direct-to-door across the United States.



Born out of a passion project and in search of adding balance to his homebrew (beer) lineup, founder Will Davis sold the first keg of Vitalitea Kombucha commercially in December 2015. Over the next few years he spent any spare time creating flavors and developing the process, laying the groundwork for the growing business. With the help of an experienced team, Hawai’i’s first cans of Kombucha and Nitro Cold Brew Coffee launched in November 2018. Since then, the company scaled production to match distribution demand while increasing both quality and dedication to support their island community. Today, VITALITEA HAWAI’I remains 100% independently and employee owned, with products proudly made on Maui using locally sourced, island grown ingredients. As a local industry leader, the company continuously works towards representing Hawai’i as a globally recognizable brand.