Our Story

Crafted on Maui by brewers in search of balance

Pure love, passion + aloha poured into every can 

Born out of a passion project and in search of adding balance to his homebrew (beer) lineup, founder Will Davis sold the first keg of Vitalitea Kombucha commercially in 2015. Over the next few years, he spent any spare time creating flavors and developing the process, laying the groundwork for the growing business. With the help of an experienced brewmaster, Dave Weikel, Hawai’i’s first cans of Kombucha and Nitro Cold-Brew Coffee launched in late 2018. Since then, we’ve expanded our skilled and experienced team and scaled our state-of-the-art production facility to match distribution demand, while continuing to focus on both quality and dedication to supporting our island community.

Today we remain 100% independently owned, with products proudly made and packaged solely in our South Maui production facility, using locally sourced, island-grown ingredients. As a local industry leader, we continuously work towards representing Hawai’i as a globally recognizable brand. Mahalo nui loa for your support!

VItalitea Hawaiʻi

Our Mission

We craft healthy and delicious Kombucha & Nitro Cold Brew Coffee utilizing fresh cold-pressed, locally sourced, tropical fruits + roots + herbs. We are committed to quality, our 'āina, and our 'ohana across Hawai'i.

Our Values

  • balance
  • Quality
  • Kuleana
  • Pride
  • Dedication

Live Balanced

Developed to make the best days even better, we've adapted decades of brewing experience to beverages that align with a healthy + active lifestyle. 

Quality you can trust + taste

Starts with sourcing the highest quality local + organic ingredients directly from farmers across the islands. Strengthens with investing in state of the art equipment and fully refrigerated distribution. Guaranteed by rigorous quality controls, in-house lab testing, and routine third party audits.

Kuleana to the 'ĀINA

From responsibly packaging our products in infinitely recyclable cans that are made here in Hawai'i and have the #1 recycle rate worldwide to upcycling an abandoned algae farm into our modern day production facility that is powered by the sun. We are continuously working to minimize our environmental footprint.

Pride over Profit

With quality as our top priority we dispose of any product that does not meet standards and use our buying power to support fellow local businesses, working to promote a sustainable future for Hawai'i.

Dedicated to our island 'ohana

As an avid donor to various local organizations focusing on the needs of our local community, we are contributing the best we can to the future of our keiki.

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