While we are on a mission to brew beverages that make the best days even better, we also set out to make the worst ones not so bad. And you don’t need us to tell you, 2020... has had a lot of the latter. 

In what seemed like a storm that may never pass, your continued support through orders, DMs, emails, warm smiles behind the mask and endless shakas from afar (+6ft) has kept us fueled over this last year. For all that, we are feeling beyond blessed. 

In March, we watched our Aloha State and many of our favorite businesses close their doors, some indefinitely, some for good. Our direct community of friends, family, and neighbors are some of the hardest hit economically across the country. As a small, 100% independently owned and operated business here on Maui, we too, felt every drop of rain.

But that is only one part of the story.

With the down time in production we were able to double down on our mission to increase quality, with continued investment in product innovation, testing, equipment and brewery renovations. 

Our dedication to our local community grew stronger than ever; we’ve seen 98% of our spend circulate here locally in Hawai’i and 75% directly in Maui County. 

Your choice to purchase our CANS over competitors’ bottles that use plastic tops kept roughly 1,550lbs of single use plastics out of our landfills and oceans. Plus, our brewery operations solar power offset approximately 49.9 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Together, we are making great strides in minimizing our footprint.

The demand by our amazing community resulted in the launch of the BOOCH BOX which has now reached all corners of the continental USA as well as expansion of our distribution across Oahu at 50+ retailers.

Nominated as 2020 Maui County Exceptional Small Business of the Year, VITALITEA HAWAI‘I is to be recognized as a 2021 Good Food Awards WinnerOops! we spilled the booch early (stay tuned).

Above all, we feel most blessed for our growing ‘ohana, from our community here locally to all of you across the mainland. We don’t want to leave out mention to our own growing team, including the special addition of a newest brewer in the making with the birth of our founder’s son.

With the immediate future unknown and this storm far from over, we’re beyond thankful for your continued support and confident that this too shall pass. The Aloha spirit, our connection to our community, and business will remain stronger than ever. 

From our team at VITALITEA HAWAI’I, cheers to you and 2021!

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