The cold brew coffee market has seen expansive growth and innovation, particularly in the realm of canned options. A recent Food52 article brought to light concerns regarding the impact of pasteurization on canned cold brew coffee, which is often necessary for food safety and to extend shelf life but can alter the coffee's natural flavors. At Vitalitea, we've tackled this challenge, ensuring our cold brew delivers on safety and maintains the impeccable, fresh flavor our customers expect.

Innovative Non-Heat Technique

While the process of creating ready-to-drink cold brew might seem straightforward, the reality involves complex challenges around food safety. When roasted coffee beans are combined with tap water, they create a low-acid environment, which can be conducive to the growth of potential contaminants such as listeria and spore-forming bacteria. Vitalitea utilizes a unique combination of UV-filtered water and Kyoto-style cold brewing. This method, combined with strict SOP’s (standard operating procedures) and cold-chain custody from brewing to consumer, allows us to sidestep the traditional pasteurization process, which involves heating the coffee to kill bacteria. Heating, while effective for sterilization, can change the coffee's original taste profile. By completely avoiding heating, our cold brew preserves the coffee's integrity from the brewing process to the final product.

Mastering Cold Chain Logistics

What sets Vitalitea apart is our mastery of cold chain logistics. From the moment our coffee is brewed until it reaches the consumer, it remains cold. This continuous refrigeration, combined with our proprietary “Test and Release” program eliminates the need for pasteurization while ensuring the product remains safe and fresh. While this method does limit the shelf life compared to heat-pasteurized options, it guarantees that each can of Vitalitea cold brew retains its optimal flavor and quality.

Food Safety Innovation

Under the supervision of a Food Safety Consultant and former FDA inspector, we developed our “Test and Release” program. Samples are collected from predetermined points throughout the packaging process and sent to a local food safety lab, where we have a panel of tests performed to ensure both verification and validation of our process. The tests ensure we have samples equivalent to those submitted during our shelf-life study, which includes 42 days of temperature abuse. Once we receive the results verifying safe, clean and quality samples, we release the batch for consumer sales. In addition to local self-distribution using only refrigerated trucks, we partner with cold-chain only distributors and utilize temperature trackers to monitor our off-island shipments.

Vitalitea’s approach to cold brew coffee not only sets a new standard in the industry but also ensures that we never compromise on the sensory quality of our product. Our commitment allows us to cater to true coffee aficionados who prioritize taste and freshness.

Experience the True Taste of Cold Brew with Vitalitea

We invite coffee lovers to taste the difference with Vitalitea’s canned cold brew. Experience coffee that has been crafted with care and kept cold, bringing you closer to its authentic flavor with every sip. Join us as we redefine what canned cold brew can be—refreshing, flavorful, and crafted without compromise.

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