We've set out on a journey to craft healthy and delicious beverages while minimizing our environmental footprint as best as we can. We are committed to quality, our 'Āina and our 'Ohana across the islands. That is why we've been busy behind the scenes to find the best way to deliver our Kombucha to our family outside of Hawai'i. The result? Our sustainably packaged Booch Box shipped fresh + cold directly to your door! 



Booch boxes are made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable! Reuse the box, or break it down and place it in cardboard recycling. 


The Gel Packs keep your booch chilled while shipping. They’re made in Hawai’i and are 100% reusable. Put them in your freezer for your next adventure!


Bio-based Green Cell Foam not only protects your booch from moisture and humidity during shipping; it also provides the most flexibility and convenience in disposal options of ANY packaging material — going far beyond just recycling!

The primary raw material is U.S. grown, non-GMO cornstarch, an annually renewable resource. Bonus: Manufacturing Green Cell Foam requires 70% less energy and produces 80% less greenhouse gases than petroleum based foams.

Cut the film, remove foam panels and recycle the film. Once the foam and film are separated, you’re able to dispose of GCF as you choose! 

Green Cell Foam dissolves in warm water in less than 60 seconds! Place the foam in the sink and watch it "melt" safely down the drain. It even decomposes in seawater and freshwater! 

GCF is backyard proof. It'll decompose in 60 days or less when in a moist soil environment.

The foam panels burn cleanly and safely in fireplaces, firepits and power plants— works great to start your next fire or barbecue!


Our booch comes in cans. Why? Because #cansarebetter. 

By using cans, we package our brews resulting in the lowest carbon footprint possible. They're infinitely recyclable and the #1 recycled container in the world with a 69% Global recycle rate. 75% of all aluminium produced is still in use today!

All of our cans are made locally at Ball Canning in Kapolei on Oahu. You can spot any locally produced can by the unique wide top and ridges! 

Cans also best protect flavors; they're airtight, block sun light and are more durable. Not only that, they're also the most environmentally responsible option and simply better for your beaches. 

THIRSTY? Re-order a Booch Box now and don't forget to send one to a friend.
QUESTIONS? Drop us a line on Instagram @vitaliteahawaii or email aloha@vitaliteahawaii.com

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