Ready for a late-summer thirst quencher?

Island Hopper was born to showcase our brewing team's talented craft-brewing backgrounds.⁠ This ultra-refreshing summer thirst quencher blends juicy, hand-picked, Maui-grown Meyer lemons with the citrus and tropical fruit notes of Yakima Valley “Citra” hops, resulting in major craft-sensory pleasure!⁠ 

Hops, lemon... sound familiar? Yes! Congrats to our brewmaster Dave for coming up with this epic new name for this hop bomb booch formerly known as Hop Drop.

Get this small batch limited release while stock lasts, delivered nationwide straight to your door step!

Did you know? Our box is packaged using biodegradable + compostable + recycled materials and reusable cold packs keep the cans chilled while they're shipped to your door!