The secret’s out... We are expanding our distribution footprint to Whole Foods Market across Southern California, Arizona and Nevada! 

This is something we’ve been working on for a really long time and we're stoked to spread the VITALITEA Aloha on the mainland. Mahalo to Hi Touch Distribution for getting our kombucha + Nitro Cold Brew coffee out on the shelves.

"The Aloha spirit that Whole Foods Market has extended to small businesses like ours is truly amazing. We’re eagerly looking forward to showcasing the talents of our team and sharing some flavors of Hawaiʻi with our mainland ʻOhana”, said William Davis.

Check our STOREFINDER to find a retailer near you and make sure tag us when you spot our Kombucha and Nitro Cold Brew in the wild!

For everyone outside CA, NV, and AZ, we ship our Booch Box direct-to-door nationwide! We hope you'll taste the pure love, passion and Aloha we pour into every can.